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"Flush-able wipes not flush-able". So now what?

For many, this seems to be old news. Companies have been skirting the truth around flush-able wipes for years now. If you didn’t know, flush-able wipes are horrible for the sewer system and even worse if your home uses a septic system. This is because the wipes don’t really break down like regular toilet paper and instead bind together with all of the other fats and nutrient waste in the sewage. This creates a huge and potentially very expensive clog to fix. There’s a name for these, they’re called “fat-burgs” and cities have to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars removing them from the sewers.

Companies behind flush-able wipes can get away with this type of marketing because while it may be terrible for the sewers and septic systems, they do technically flush down the toilet without causing an immediate clog. So technically, they can be considered“flush-able”, just like rocks or golf balls.

But wait, if you’re not supposed to flush them, what are you supposed to do with them? Here’s some suggestions you may find helpful:

Don’t flush ‘em, chuck ‘em! Use a small covered trash can with an old grocery bag as a liner. Think of it like a diaper genie, but for grown-ups!

Eliminate the need for wipes with a bidet! Explore a whole new way to experience your bathroom and consider adding a bidet to your restroom. Many bidets have custom user-specific seat settings, built-in air fresheners, and noise-cancelling music settings. There’s a wide variety of bidets available from hybrid toilets to hand held bidets, you’ll never need a wipe again.

Did you know the average adult needs about 30 grams of fiber per day to stay regular? You can reduce or eliminate your need for wipes by adding more fiber to your diet and help your body have a cleaner, healthier poo. Dietary fiber helps keep your gut moving at a predictable speed and increases the weight and size of your bowl movement, often making it easier to go. Treat your gut to some fiber health and your pipes will thank you too!

If a clean stream or fiber isn’t your game, consider a squatty potty or replacing your current toilet with a model that’s lower to the ground. Bowel movements can be made easier and cleaner by simply tucking your legs or using a stool for your feet while you sit.

We’re all guilty of flushing things we shouldn’t from time to time, but at least now you have some helpful hints to not only keep your pipes clean, but your sewers too!

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