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What's In a Name?

Hose Bib, Silcock, Tap, Outdoor Faucet, Wall Faucet, Spigot - whatever you call it, we're here to help.


When Should You Replace a Hose Bib?

Letting small issues become big problems can be costly and annoying. If you notice any of these symptoms, call R&J Plumbing as soon as possible.

Leaking: If you notice any from handle or vacuum breaker (that little cap on top), this could be a sign that the hose bib needs re-built.

Freezing: Leaving a hose on the faucet over winter can lead to freezing and bursting inside the home.

Broken Handle or Rust: The handle on your hose bib can get brittle and crack over time. You may be able to replace the handle yourself, but it's best to call a professional.

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